Saturday, August 20, 2011

What a Long Week!!!

Wow... this week was SUPER long and I must say that I am so glad that it's Saturday!!!

I started back to work on Tuesday, so that was the first FULL day that Caycen has gone to the babysitter. I met her at 7:15 and she brought him back to me at 4:15... it felt like days!!! But I think I did pretty well.  Here he is his first day with Stephanie his babysitter:

Wednesday I worked in my classroom ALL. DAY. LONG.  and it was another long day away from my little man... but then Thursday came... that morning I was already in tears not wanting to leave him.  I met the sitter at the school at 7:15 and then I didn't leave the school until 6:30 that night because we had open house.  By the time I was finished with work my back hurt, my feet hurt, and my throat hurt... I felt like I was starting to get sick.  Open house went great and I seem to have a sweet class.  I got home and I was in tears again.  Friday I had to work until 4:15 again and I was feeling even more sick.  When I got home I just broke down... It's so hard to leave Caycen all day and then I don't get to spend much time with him in the afternoons because he goes to bed at 8:00.  It just really stinks!!! I know everyone says it will get better... but I feel like I'm going to miss so much.  I am really hoping and PRAYING that after this school year I will be able to stay at home with my little boy. 

Well, even though I'm not happy about having to go back to work, I am going to be the best teacher I can be.  Last year I went on bedrest at 33 weeks so I missed the last month of school.  When I went back into my classroom everything was just shoved in places and I couldn't find anything.  I had a LOT of work to do. Every year since I've been teaching I have done a jungle theme... I didn't change it this year either. It just costs so much money to do a new theme, so I just made it cuter :) So here are a few pics of my classroom before I fixed it up and then after:

looking in from the door

reading area before movign stuff

shelves behind my desk with all my TEs and other books I use for reading

I'm not complrtrly done, but here are the after:

open house stuff

goody bag for the kids

I changed the shelves behind my desk and put all the teacher reproducible books in my filing cabinet

Used scrapbook paper to make the drawers look cuter :)

I changed the bookshelf, gave away a TON of books, and put all my animals and pillows back out

put scrapbook paper in these drawers also

I'm going to put the kids' pictures in the jeep to look like they're riding in it

I love this cute little man I made :)

I put numbers and letters on the buckets... the top buckets are for math groups, the bottom are for reading groups, then I have my math manipulatives on these shelves as well

Not finished with this corner, but this is where our class store will be

I just realized I forgot to take a picture of my door! It's so cute... I'll post it later :)

here are the hand sanitizer bottles I did for my grade group... aren't they cute?

Well I hope everyone had a waaaay better week than I did!!! Hopefully next week will be a little easier for me... I'm just glad that I work with such great people who make me feel a little better while I'm there! Thanks Godley Station Staff!!!! I love you guys!!! :)

Love ~ Aimes

P.S. sorry if I don't post as much, I will be spending as much time as possible with my little man!!!!

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