Thursday, August 25, 2011

Baby C's 2 month Stats

Well guys... I have realized that being back at work and then coming home to be a mommy is exhausting and definitely making it a lot harder for me to blog!!!! :(  I just have no extra time during the day.  This is what my day looks like during the week:

6:00 - wake up and feed Caycen
6:20 - get ready for work while Caycen sits in the "Mamaroo"
6:45 - pack my lunch and eat a quick breakfast after putting Caycen in his car seat
7:00 - Load up the car and head to work
7:15 - arrive at work to meet Stephanie, the babysitter
7:20 - Clock in at work and try to get some things done in the classroom
8:15 - kids start entering my classroom and it's work work work all day long
4:15 - meet Stephanie in the parking lot to get Caycen and head home
4:30 - get home and either play with Caycen or if he's sleeping start washing bottles and picking up around the house
6:00 - feed Caycen or cook dinner (depends on what we're eating and what Chance feels like doing)
between 6:30 and 7:00 - eat dinner while Caycen sits in the high chair and "talks" to us :)
7:00 - hang out and play with Caycen and Daddy
8:00 - feed Caycen, read a story, pray, and put Caycen to bed
8:30 - take a shower and get clothes ready for the next day
9:00 - watch a little t.v. if I'm not passed out already! haha
between 9:30 - 10:00 go to sleep (Chance feeds Caycen at 10:00, what a GREAT hubby!!!!)

so there's my day in a nutshell!  I know I need to be figuring out where there is time to sneak in a workout too!!! Gosh I really wanna be a stay-at-home-mom!!!!!! So sorry that I'm not blogging as often as I was!!! Hopefully things will slow down some and I can get a little more blogging in at night when I'm not so tired!!!

Alright and on with what the post was supposed to be about...

Yesterday was Caycen's 2 month check-up and unfortunately I couldn't go because it was the first week of school... so Chance took him.  He got all of his shots and everything.  Chance says that I better feel lucky because I didn't have to see Caycen cry.  He said "I've never seen a baby cry like that before!".  Poor thing!!! But he was such a trooper!!! After the shots and getting him back in his carrier, he stopped crying and fell asleep. He didn't really act like his legs were hurting him too much last night either, but we gave him some baby Tylenol before putting him to bed just in case.

Well here are his 2 month stats:

Weight - 13 lbs3 oz, that's in the 68%
Length - 24 inches, that's in the 70%
Head Circumference - 39 cm, that's in the 31%

What a big baby :) (I guess his head needs to do a little growing to catch up with his body!!! haha)

Well, I definitely won't be missing ANY more doctor's appointments because I just couldn't stand not being there with him.  I just love that baby so so much!!!

Caycen has been doing such a great job!!! Friday and Saturday night he slept from 10:00 pm - 5:00 pm without a peep... then Monday night he slept from 10:00 pm - 6:00 pm without waking up once!!! I'm so proud of him!!! He's been doing it all week long :)  Caycen's doctor said "Don't tell anybody else that he's sleeping that long!" haha!!! We just have a WONDERFUL baby!!!

Hope you are all having a GREAT week! Thank God tomorrow is Friday!!!!! :)

Love - Aimes

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