Saturday, March 26, 2011

What I'm Loving...

There are a lot of things that I am LOVING right now and for the sake of random posting I decided to share some with you:

1.  My HUSBAND is what I'm loving the most!!!  He has been so supportive throughout this pregnancy and has just given me a preview of what a great daddy he will be.  I want to thank him for putting up with me (though I don't think I've been too much of a PREGASAURUS - Martha's word).  He has done so much for me lately, like rub my feet and ankles (cause you know they've been killing me), put up the baby furniture, get me food when I'm hungry and being lazy (which is more often than normal), and just being there for me when my hormones are going crazy and I'm a little emotional from the things that are thrown at me day-to-day.  I LOVE YOU CHANCEY POOH!!!

2.  I'm loving my new little blog Darley's Creative Corner and making things for my friends! I have really enjoyed using my vinyl and paints and trying to come up with new things to make. 

Caycen's Door hanger

my bucket for school and hand sanitizer

UGA colors on a personalized cake carrier

3.  I'm LOVING the weather lately!!! Have I ever told you how much I HATE the cold?? Everyone keeps saying "wait til you get bigger and it gets hotter and you're going to wish it were winter again"... really... no... I don't think so!!! I love being able to go outside with barely anything on and not get those stinkin' chill bumps!!! I have also noticed that I'm in the mood to read when it's warmer outside too.  I will grab a book and go sit on the back porch and read in the sun.  I just love it!

4.  I'm loving getting to know my neighbors! We have lived in our house for almost two years and haven't really gotten to know anyone around us too much.  Recently, I've been talking a lot with one of our neighbors, Brandy, and I realized that we had a LOT in common.  Her and her husband have 2 beautiful little girls and are just the sweetest family ever!!! When I found out that I was pregnant, she was so sweet and left me a little decorated box with cookies in it and a washcloth lollipop was attached!!! It was at my front door when I got home from work one day.  She does a lot of stuff on her cricut as well and is teaching me to sew!!! :) I'm so thankful to have them as neighbors!!!

Aren't they the most adorable little family ever??

5.  I'm loving that I'm learning to sew!  Brandy got my sewing machine working last night and I'm super excited!!! She showed me a few things and I can't wait to get started! I want to be able to do the appliques and all that she's been doing and hopefully make a few things for our little Caycen before he gets here.
Here are some of the things Brandy has been doing that I love and want to learn to do myself:

This one is my favorite! I want to make something like this for Caycen with the snail :)
6.  I'm loving that Caycen is kicking so much! It's such a great feeling and so reassuring.  I know I said in a previous post that I don't like being pregnant like most women say they do, and I'm sticking to that... but if I had to say there was one cool thing about being pregnant, it's definitely feeling the baby kick and move around so much.  I will just sit there and watch my stomach move... it's just amazing!

27 weeks!!!

7.  I'm loving that we are getting the nursery together!!! We only have one piece of furniture to still put together... I'm sure Chance will get it done sometime :)  We have the nursery painted, the crib put up, and the changing table put up.  I'm going to wash the bedding soon and put it on the crib and start washing baby clothes and put those up too.  I can't wait to see it all come together.

changing table

8.  I'm loving that I've been working out more lately... I've been getting on our elliptical and walking the dogs for my exercise.  It's definitely not what I'm used to doing, but it will work until Caycen comes.  Before I was pregnant I ran and did Insanity, but when we started back school it was so hectic opening a new school, that I was just exhausted everyday and wasn't really running like I should.  So when I found out I was pregnant the doctor told me that I probably shouldn't run since I hadn't been doing it consistently for about a month.  Then after that I wasn't working out much at all.. I went on a few walks every now and then, but it wasn't enough.  So, since I have the energy and NEED to be doing something, I've decided to stick to the elliptical and walking the dogs and I feel great!!! It's amazing how much better you feel when you exercise.

9.  I'm loving that my friend and co-worker, Amanda, is having her baby on Monday (unless she comes earlier)!!! I am super excited for her, but I will miss her at work for sure! Ella Kate is going to be beautiful just like her mommy!!!
Me and Amanda just days before she will be induced.

10. I'm loving Jergens Natural Glow lotion!!! I knew I was white, but when I looked at pictures from my birthday I realized I was GHOSTLY!!!! So I decided to try the Jergens Natural Glow lotion because I heard such great things about it.  After using it once, I'm addicted!  It makes you look a little darker, but slowly.  I don't use it every day, but I use it about every three to four days.  You could use it more to get a darker look if you wanted.  If you're white like me from not being in the sun in forever, you should definitely try it!!!


These are just a few of the things I'm loving lately... but there are lots more!!!! My family, my friends, reading, my dogs, my church small group, and most of all my GOD for blessing me with so much!!!! He is so amazing and I'm so thankful to have a God that loves me so much!

Have a wonderful Saturday!!!


  1. Amy, I loved reading "What I'm loving now". Caycen will also love being told everything that you were feeling while you were carrying him. I used to tell those stories to Brooke and Chance when they were little and they wanted to hear them over and over again. And why are up so early on a Saturday??? Love you, can't wait to see the nursery.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have so much fun blogging on here. I just want to remember everything that happens during the pregnancy. And along with the kicking and moving comes sleepless nights. I couldn't get comfortable this morning so I finally just got out of bed :)