Saturday, March 19, 2011

Home Improvement

Hey everyone! So, Chance and I have a lot of things we would LIKE to get done before the baby comes.  We are waiting to get our taxes all done and figured out before we do anything.  We have finally finished our taxes, we just need to find out how much we will owe (Chance is on commission so we pay instead of receive money during tax season).  After taxes we want to do a little home improvement.  Here is what's on the list:

1.  Hardwood floors downstairs
2.  New entertainment center
3.  A little more home decor (living room clock and other accessories)
4.  Anything extra we need for the baby room (maybe we will wait and do this after showers and all are done)
5.  We also need a GOOD camera (We are wanting the Nikon D3100)

We, well Chance and Mike, started putting together some of the baby furniture that we received on Wednesday! I'm super excited about it!!! They put together the changing table, which took a good while, and all they have to do now is the chest and the crib.  Here is the process of two handy men putting together baby furniture:

Doesn't it look great??? Now I can't wait to have all the other furniture done and to be able to actually start setting up the room.  Am I a little crazy that I'm wanting to already get things together even though I have a few months left??

Well today was such a beautiful day, so I got some laying out done (in my backyard where nobody could see me! haha!), I washed and put up clothes, watched a couple of my shows, hung out with the neighbors, ate lunch with my wonderful husband, and soon I will be getting ready to go to Cancun for dinner to celebrate a good friend's birthday.  I would say today has been WONDERFUL!!!! I can't WAIT 'til summer!!!!

Oh and go check out the new cake carrier that I did for my winner of the giveaway on my creative blog! She wanted UGA colors (which is great because I don't know if I could stand to do Florida haha JK!!!).  Let me know if you would like to order anything!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!!


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