Saturday, July 22, 2017

Letter to 4 Year Old Gracie June

Dear 4 Year Old Gracie June,


Is it really already your birthday AGAIN??? Quote from our favorite movie "No, no, no, it can't be. I precisely remember, your birthday was last year". UGH!!! Time is going by way too fast for this Mama! You have grown so much this year and have learned a TON! We are so stinkin' proud of you and the little lady you're becoming. You have such a big heart and you love to share with everyone. You know how to make everyone feel so special and loved.

Some fun facts about you as you turn 4:
Favorite color: you've changed it to pink, but for half of the year it was purple
Favorite movie: Trolls, Boss Baby, Secret Life of Pets, Tangled
Favorite TV shows: Masha and Bear, Barbie Dream House, My Little Pony
Favorite foods: chicken nuggets, pizza, ice cream sandwiches (just recently)
Best Friends: Ella Kate and Ava

Some fun memories from this past year:

First day of preschool for you at Ford Academy.

First RHHS football game.

You started gymnastics for the first time in August 2016 and LOVE it!

I love this because it shows your love for dress up and ALL things imaginative!

You were the best soccer sister around!!!

You went to your first GA National Fair.

 Your first gymnastics leotard

Your school pictures

Dress up for school

Pumpkin patch


You went to your first baby shower and it was for Aunt Sissy

You went with Mommy to the Richmond Hill Christmas Parade

You were a donkey in your school Christmas program

We love visiting cousins

Botanical Gardens

Our tiny tree in our rental this year

Dress up for everyone and tea for those who participate!

You LOVE your baby Ray

You became Mommy's youngest brand rep :)

You have your Daddy's personality!

I painted your nails then you painted mine! And that will be the last time that ever happens!

You showed love to one of the MOST LOVING woman that I have ever met! I hope you will never loose that ability that you have to make others smile and feel so special!

Pedicures with Ella Kate

You made your first pizza

Then you became the best baseball sister too!

You can be a grump and everyone knows it!

But this smile makes up for all those grumpy moments for sure!

You loved hunting eggs this year

You went to Daytona Beach for the first time for spring break.

You went to Jacksonville Zoo for the first time

 You make me feel special!

Last day of preschool

comparison photo

You love your Nanny

You loved seeing the cows

2nd haircut ever!

Workout partners!!!

Your 4th birthday party

You and Nona on 4th of July

You started doing YouTube toy reviews because you asked to

Amelia Island

You went to your first ever cheer camp at RHHS

You are an AMAZING little girl! When I had you, all of my childhood dreams came true. I am so blessed to be your mommy. I can't wait to see all the adventures that you encounter this next year! I love you to the moon and back Gracie June!!!!! God truly made you unique and special and I know you will move mountains!



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