Friday, July 21, 2017

April 2017

Here is our recap of April in pictures:

Ella Kate turned 6 and we had so much fun celebrating her birthday at the trampoline park!

GJ's always being forced to stunt right?!?!

Water fight!!!!

Thinking we would start working out in the mornings together... didn't last long...

We celebrated Tate's 5th birthday! They had a blast in the bounce house and eating cake with our soon to be neighbors :)

We always love us some Baby snuggles from cousin Ray Ray!

Baseball games started! What fun we had at the ball field!

Gracie June had THE BEST experience at daycare this year!!! I'm definitely going to miss her having those sweet teachers. Ms. Misty found a book called "Grumpy Gracie" and the little girl had red hair, so she said Gracie June just had to have it! I LOVE IT!!!

They had an Easter Egg Hunt at daycare and the teachers snapped a picture for me!

 Caycen also had an egg hunt at school.

Caycen got the game ball!

Celebrating Easter morning at Pop and Cheryl's

 Breakfast with Pop and Cheryl and all the cousins.

We went to Aunt Lynn's for an Easter Egg Hunt with the family!

Riding bikes to the playground.

Daddy made GJ a "Grumpy Gracie" sandwich.

We went to Daytona for Spring Break and had a blast!

We went to Bubba Gumps for dinner.

Brings me back to my my college cheerleading days!

On the way back from Daytona we went to Jacksonville Zoo for the first time. It was a HOT HOT day but it was fun.

they got to feed the giraffes

Another fun month for the Darleys! So much adventuring to do and so little time!!!

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