Saturday, February 6, 2016

Words to Remember


Every night before bed, we say our prayers. Right before we pray, I ask Caycen "is there anything special that you would like to pray for today?" Usually the answer is "umm, I don't know" or "no". One night he said he wanted to pray for his house and one day he said his friends. Those are typical things that we pray for often.

But a few nights ago, I asked the question and Caycen responded "I want to pray for people that don't have a home.".

My eyes filled up with tears as I thought about how sweet those words were to be coming out of MY little boy's mouth. I said "aww that's a great one Caycen".

Caycen said, " yea if they don't have a home, they will get run over by a car, and they won't have anything to eat".

We prayed for all of the homeless people to have a safe place to sleep, to have full tummies, and for others to show God's love to them through this scary time in their lives.



Gracie June decided she wanted to dress up as Anna the other day so while Caycen and I were outside, Daddy dressed her up.

A few minutes later, Gracie June comes walking outside in her dress and tiara. I usually don't let her play outside in her dress-up clothes, but I decided to make an exception since there was no mud around.

Gracie June then wanted to ride in Caycen's truck, but Caycen was riding his bicycle, so the little boy across the street said he would drive her.

Gracie June is riding down the road waving at me and I yell "hey Princess Anna" and she yells back (still waving), "hey princess momma".

This girl is TOO sweet for her own good!

(love this cartoon picture!)

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