Tuesday, February 16, 2016

January 2016

This January we didn't do too much... we relaxed and stayed home most of the month. Here is our month in pictures:

We started out the month with Caycen's dentist appointment. This was his 2nd check-up and his teeth look great. His first check-up 6 months ago, he was so shy and quiet... this time he didn't stop talking!!!! (even when they had the instruments in his mouth) He had tons of questions and needed to know what every single tool was for.

We always do lots of snuggling and selfies!

And of course, trips to the playground.

Movie nights with Raisinets.

This little bit, started ballet this month. She loves it!

More playground fun!

Brother/sister IPAD time.

Lots of Sunday dinners with Nona and Papa Ray.

IDK what they were doing here... but that face haha!

Caycen always loves a haircut!

We built with our Batman Legos.

GJ is mastering the potty MOST DAYS!

We made Valentine's Day Marshmallow Pops with Ella Kate!

And we tried the game BEAN BOOZLED! It was hilarious!

Then the kids used our lemonade stand to make a "store" and sell me "stuff".

More cuddles...

I took C for ice-cream while GJ had dance.

 All smiles after dance class.

GJ had a sinus infection so we had to go see the Dr. and get an antibiotic. You wouldn't know this girl was sick cause she's just so sweet!

And again... more playground fun!

My little sunshines after church.

We made a little groundhog day snack.

And that wraps up our month in pictures (and videos). It was a lot of fun!!! I am enjoying every minute that I get to spend with my sweet kiddos. They truly light up my whole world!

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