Friday, October 9, 2015

September 2015

Another month down in the life of the Darleys. We never have a dull moment and TRULY love spending time together as a family. Whether we are going, going, going, to the next event, or just hanging around the house playing in the backyard, on the Wii, or just playing board games. We have a blast TOGETHER! I love my man and my babies so so much!

Here is our September in pictures:

GJ is a little princess that's not afraid to get dirty.

GJ got a new doll from Grandma that has red hair just like her!

Mommy and Daddy got a little date night thanks to Nona.

We are always ready to dress up at our house! We princesses and super heroes running around all the time!

A little golf cart ride on a great night. 

Playing games out back at Nona's house.

The kids love to visit Aunt Ginny.

Kids night at Mellow Mushroom is always fun!

Caycen's class learned about measurement this month, so we've been making all kinds of tasty treats. His favorite (he gets it from his Mama) is brownies!

Our new incentive for having green days, FROZEN YOGURT at the end of the week!!! 

GJ's first football game… and we didn't even make it to half time! YIKES!

These snuggles will never get old! I love these babies so much!

Rainy day craft inside… even though they ate more Apple Jacks than they glued on the paper. 

My big girl without her booster seat. 

After church we got suckers!!!! They're just too sweet to resist!

 One thing I'm loving this year is that GJ's teacher loves to take pictures of her and send them to me. She's so talented!!!! 

Breakfast with my princess. 

It's so funny when I go to look at pictures on my phone and see about a bazillion pictures of Caycen that he's taken of himself… tons of different faces. These are just a few of the ones that were CRACKING me up!

We always love brunch at the golf course after church.

My babies are NOT morning people!!!!

So GJ was in a bad mood, got hurt, and didn't want me… she JUST wanted her Buba!!!!!! HOW SWEET IS THIS?!?!?!

Popsicles make everyone happy!

Caycen has really gotten into reading this month. He's always loved for us to read him books. BUT this month he wants to read the words himself. He had me writing words on the cement and he would sound the words out and read them to me. A few of the words were sight words that he already knew from reading books at night, but we also learned some new sight words too. He would then have me say a word and he would have to find it and jump on it. He's so stinkin' smart!

Who can get the most letters in the tub!?!?! haha! 

I had to capture a picture of this beautiful, curly, red hair!

As always, we had a wonderful month and are blessed beyond measure! I'm so grateful for every minute I get to spend with my sweet family. I love them to pieces!

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