Saturday, August 29, 2015

July 2015 Part 2

This summer was so much fun that I had to make my July post into two posts! So here it is (sorry for some of the pictures being blurry)…

We went to see Penguins of Madagascar. GJ made it through about 5 minutes of the movie before Nona and her had to leave. She just wanted to go up and down the stairs in the theater.

 We went up to the school a few times to work in my room… the kids loved the sunflowers outside and had to take a picture with them! And then Caycen made me take a picture next to the big sunflower too haha!

 Oh how we love bubbles in our underwear!

We had GJ's 2nd birthday party! You can read all about her party on my post here.

GJ got a broom for her birthday and she LOVES to clean up!

Oh how the iPad brings these two together…

GJ loves her Nona.

She let me braid her hair!

These little stinkers...

GJ being a big girl at swim lessons.

Here is our trip to Amelia Island. I WANT TO GO BACK RIGHT NOW!!!! We had so much fun with Nona, Papa Ray, Aunt Sissy, and Uncle Chris.

GJ's first bus ride on the way to dinner.

Looking at the fish in the tank at brunch.

Getting ready to leave :(

One last walk down to the beach with my sweets.

 Be still my heart!!!!!

The day before my eye surgery, we took one last trip to the pool for the summer. It's definitely OUR happy place!!!!

The night before my eye surgery, my sweet 2nd grade team came over for a painting party. One last fun night before going back to work and we got to celebrate that sweet baby Palmer would be here soon! It was a blast!

The last week of my summer I spent in bed after my eye surgery. You can read all about how my school year started out because of this crazy bump in the road on my teaching blog. Although it was all unexpected and so very hard, I have an awesome God and awesome friends and family who helped me through it all.

This summer came and went way to fast! I will cherish the memories that I get to make with my babies, my husband, my friends and family, forever! I love that I get to save all of these fun memories on this blog and that my sweet kiddos will get to read all of it as they get older.

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