Tuesday, July 7, 2015

June 2015

June was such a fun month for us! It was the start of our summer vacation {My favorite time of the year!!!!!}.

Of course, we've been spending lots of time at the pool this summer!

AND the beach.

 GJ's shoe obsesion continues.

They love the pool at Nona's house.

Caycen picked out a spiderman shirt he wanted me to make him. He was SO excited when I showed it to him when I was finished. He goes "wow! cool!!!! Can I wear it now??" haha.

I learned to do a fishtail.

GJ is into everything her big brother is into. She likes to dress up like a superhero just like her brother.

We tried out the new water park, Surf Lagoon. It was a lot of fun. We spent most of our time in the lazy river. The big kids got to ride the big slide with an adult. We rode the big slides a few times. There was also a little splash pad for the kids to play at.

We were introduced to Superhero popsicles by Cuyler and the kids LOVE them! That is GJ saying "cheese" haha!

We had some family over for a few days. Vera Mae and Tybee Anne were so much fun! Caycen LOVED having them play at our house and pool.

We took family pictures downtown. We had a couple of shots of Caycen in his superhero costume as well.

June 15, 2015 Caycen turned 4!!!! Wow the time is flying and it needs to slow down!!! I can't believe that my baby boy is a big boy!

Caycen picked out a superhero poster at walmart that he wanted for his room but they were out. So we got one off of Amazon and he was so excited when he saw it up in his room!

We had a little play date at our house and made mugs for Father's Day. The kids LOVED scribbling on their mugs. GJ had to get out her old carrier because she kept wanting to sit in the baby's carrier herself. Now she's been putting her babies in the carrier and rocking them. It's so sweet!

We love being goofy!!!

We've gone to Tanger Outlets SEVERAL times this summer and the kids always want to play on their playground. The only thing is that it's usually scorching hot out there and all of the slides are hot too. We only play for a few minutes before we are all sweating bullets and are ready to go.

 My babies have gotten so much closer already this summer. They love to eat snacks together, play together, and cuddle. BUT don't be fooled! They have lots of fights and Caycen gets rough with her too!

Once again, GJ plays dress up with Caycen's superhero costumes. We NEED to get her some princess dresses! haha!

We had Caycen's 4th birthday party up at the pool. It was a Superhero part, of course. You can read more about his party in this post.

 Chance and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. It was a kid-free night, thanks to my mother-in-law. We went to our favorite Sushi place, chowed down, then came back home, played a 20 question game together, and watched Taken 3 (so good!!!!!). It was a nice relaxing night together.

For Father's Day we went out on the boat and headed to the beach for the day. It was a perfect day!

We gave Daddy his gifts. He got a Southern Tide shirt and belt that Caycen picked out, a mug that Caycen decorated, a t-shirt from Palmetto Moon, Bear Claws for shredding meat, glow-in-the dark strips to go on the toilet seat so he doesn't miss in the dark (hahaha!!! he loved that one!) and a new phone clip. I think he made out pretty well and felt very appreciated. Don't know what we would do without this wonderful man!!!!

 Caycen had his first dentist appointment and did awesome!!! He loved having Buzz lightyear with him. He picked chocolate flavored fluoride, of course!

I snapped this shot of my sweet boy as he was sitting with me on the couch. This is the most snuggly boy I know!!!

Caycen went to Vacation Bible School for the first time. He went every night for a week. While he was at VBS, Daddy, GJ, and I decided to go do a little clothes shopping for GJ at Tanger Outlets. GJ was WILD and running around every store. haha! So these faces completely show how crazy a night it was.

We tried out the Tree House Playground in the mall. It was SO COOL!!!! They have tons of tunnels, slides, and little obstacles for the big kids. They have a 3 and under area too, which had a ball pit, a couple of slides, and toys. There's also putt putt, but we didn't do that this day. The kids had a blast playing together and I loved that there was so much room for them to play.

Cuyler got Caycen a Spiderman mask and he now plays the role of Spiderman every single day!!! 

This little cutie!!! I could just eat this kid up!!!!!

We took a little trip to Warner Robins for the weekend to see my family.  We first went to my Dad's house (Pop and Cheryl's). My sister, brother-in-law, and my nieces (all THREE of them) came over! :) We had so much fun playing in the pool. Pop, Uncle Boppy, and Aunt Christy 

The next morning, we headed to Grandma's house. We rode 4-wheelers and dirt bikes with Grandpa and Uncle Boppy. Then we swam in the pool ALL.DAY.LONG!!!! Caycen started jumping off of the diving board without his swimmies! He was swimming all over the deep end of the pool before the end of the day.  After a long day in the sun, all the kids snuggled up with Grandma to eat popcorn and watch Toy Story 2. They had a blast together!

We got back to Savannah and that night we went to dinner down on Tybee with Aunt Ginny, Nona, and Papa Ray. While we were waiting on food, we had to go run around and throw rocks to kill time.

When we unloaded our suitcase from being at my families' houses for the weekend, Caycen pulled out this spiderman costume! He found it at my mom's house and must've stuck it in our suitcase. It was Skyler's (my nephew) costume from when he was 4. It fits Caycen perfectly!!! Now he's all set with a spiderman costume!!!

The last day in June, we headed to the beach for a day in the sun. The kids were a little wild, but it was still fun! Caycen was obsessed with the brownies that Ashley made so we had to make some ourselves the next day. Can you believe we got 5 kids to sit and smile all at the same time (and two of them are under the age of 2!!!!!).

June has been a very busy, fun month. Now I have one month left of summer to enjoy with my babies! (really less than a month now) I absolutely LOVE getting to spend so much time with them and am so thankful for a job that allows me to do this every year!

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