Tuesday, June 2, 2015

April 2015 - SeaWorld Trip

During our Spring Break this year, we went to SeaWorld and Aquatica. It was a lot of fun! My back went out the first day that we got there, so that kinda stunk because I was hurting the whole time! But other than that, the kids loved it.

The first day we went to SeaWorld for just a little bit, while we waited for Aquatica to reopen (Aquatica was at it's max capacity so they weren't letting anyone else in for a few hours when we first got to Orlando).

2nd Day we headed straight to SeaWorld and spent the day there… so much fun!

My poor babies didn't like getting wet! But Ella Kate sure did! haha!

The next morning we layer around and then got up and headed back to Aquatica. Definitely my kids' favorite part of the vacation! GJ absolutely loved the water and Caycen loved the lazy river and the slides.

That night we went to Downtown Disney.

What a fun trip!!! We got season passes… so I really hope we get to go back soon when my back isn't hurting and I can enjoy it even more.

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