Sunday, June 15, 2014

Caycen's 3 Year Letter

Dear Caycen,
How are you already 3 years old??? It doesn't seem like that much time has gone by since I first held you in my arms. As I'm writing this letter to you, I'm sitting on the back porch of the condo Nona and Papa Ray rented, and I'm watching you run around on the beach with Papa Ray. You are laughing, jumping the waves, making your goofy grin and wobbling back and forth. I hope I can remember this time forever, because it seems like time is just flying by. You are the silliest, happiest little boy. You are definitely hitting your "even worse than terrible twos, terrible threes" stage, though. You try to test us all the time.  But no matter what kind of trouble you get into, we still love you more than anything in this world!

This past year has brought on some changes and more firsts for you.

The first major change was that you got a little sister, Gracie June. This was a huge adjustment for you, because you were used to being the center of our attention. But you have been the BEST big brother in the world. You are so protective of your little sister. You can't stand for her to be away from you. You do like to tease her and hit her every now and then, but you love her so much.


You started going to daycare this year and started out the year in Ms. Brandy's class. You loved all of your friends in that class so much. Then around New Year's you were moved to Ms. Alicia's class, who  was a perfect fit for you! She taught you so much and really got your personality. One of your favorite things that you learned about in her class was life cycles of a bird, turtle, and frog.  You came home telling us all kinds of new things that you learned. You are such a little sponge. Ms. Alicia said you are one of the smartest little boys that she's ever met.

You were in your first wedding (Aunt Sissy's wedding).

This year you went on your first trip to Disney World. We had an absolute blast!!!! We are already planning to take you again when you are 4.

You went to Cabin Ridge with Papa Ray and Nona and caught your first fish, held a snake, and played in the country. You also went to Cordele with them during that trip, which was your first time going on a trip without us. You had so much fun with them and got to play with all of your cousins.

You had your first beach trip (which is where we are right now as I'm writing this). We stayed on Tybee for a week. We got to go to the beach every single day and you have loved every minute!

Things you're loving and doing right now:
Your favorite color is still orange, favorite movie is Frozen (you can pretty much recite that movie and the moves that Elsa does during the song "Let it Go" haha), your favorite outside activities are swimming, hitting baseballs, hitting golfballs, pretty much anything to do with playing with balls outside. You love to paint (especially if you get to do your handprint or footprint), you love to read, watch t.v., snuggle (especially in the morning).  Your favorite foods are chicken nuggets, Cheetos, fruit roll-ups (Ella Kate introduced these to you at Disney World), Chex Mix, skittles, chocolate skittles (M&Ms haha), and cheese.  You like to say "dagnabit" when you can't do something. You love to pretend cook or pretend hunt. Your best friend is still Ella Kate. You like to throw things down the stairs CONSTANTLY. You love to color. You love to make a big mess, but SOMETIMES you help us clean it up. You love to give kisses and hugs. You love being outdoors.

As you can see, this past year was packed with fun and exciting times for our family. I can't imagine what my life would be like without you buddy boy! Thank you for making me a Mama, and thank you for always being the sweetest kid in the world! I pray that God will protect you and that you will grow up knowing how much Mommy and Daddy love you!

I can't wait to see what this next year brings for you sweet boy! HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY!!!

I love you!


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