Monday, June 23, 2014

11 Month Letter to GJ

Dear 11 Month Old Gracie June,
How in the world are you already 11 months??? The time seems to be flying by faster and faster each month. I can't believe in only 1 more month, you will be a YEAR old! Wow!

This past month has been so much fun with you! I have been able to be home with you and Caycen for summer vacation and I have loved every minute!!! Your little, actually BIG, personality just keeps getting bigger every month. You are the cutest 11 month old ever! You laugh at everything and you are just so laid back. I can't get enough of those chunky cheeks and your sweet kisses.

This month's firsts:

You had your first beach trip and first time being on the beach ever this month. We stayed a whole week at Tybee with Nona and Papa Ray. You had a blast!

You started eating a lot more table foods this months. You are loving spaghetti and grilled cheese!

You started taking a sippy cup for all of your meals during the day. You still take a bottle at night, most nights, but I don't think you would even care if we just gave you a sippy cup instead.

You had your first sip of cows milk from Daddy's cereal this month. I can't wait for you to only drink Cows milk instead of formula!

You had your first trip to Savannah Children's Museum. You loved watching the big kids play and playing with the water on the chalkboard table.

You started trying to climb the stairs this month, so we had to put the baby gate up at the bottom of the stairs.

You had your first visit downtown while Pop and Nanny Cheryl came down this past week. You loved people watching :)

You got to celebrate Caycen's birthday this month.

Things you're loving:
You love eating, babbling, laughing, mocking whatever we say in your own words, pulling up on the baby gate, dancing to any music or anything that could sound like music, smiling, giving kisses, playing with Caycen's cars, being outside, playing in the pool, bathtime, pulling out your bows, Mickey Mouse, snuggling, crawling around the house as fast as you can.

You started a new feeding schedule now that Mommy's home with you during the summer:
between 7:00-8:00 you wake up and play in your crib
8:00 - I get you up and give you your first sippy cup with 6 oz of formula
between 8:30-9:30 (whenever we eat breakfast) you have a jar of fruit mixed with rice cereal or oatmeal
12:00 - 6 oz formula in a sippy cup
12:30-1:30 - jar of fruit or cut up fruit and bites of whatever I'm eating (usually pieces of bread)
4:00 - 6 oz formula in a sippy cup
6:00 - a jar of baby food or whatever we are eating
8:00-8:30 - bath and a 6 oz bottle of formula, then bed

You are such a sweet girl and you have mine and your Daddy's hearts! I just love being your mommy!!!

Love you sweet girl,

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