Thursday, January 23, 2014

Letter to 6 Month Old GJ

Dear Sweet Gracie June,
You are 6 MONTHS OLD!!! Wow! A half a year has gone by already and you have been one of the biggest blessings in my life! Your little smile just lights up a room and completely melts my hearts. Any time that I'm around you, I can't help but smile too.

This past month we had some more firsts:

You started sitting up by yourself this month, but we definitely put a pillow behind you because you still fall over a lot.

You had your first Christmas! And you were the cutest little thing ever! (She just loves to stick that tongue out!!! haha!

You had to be admitted to the hospital about a week and a half before turning 6 months because of UTI. We stayed at the hospital two nights. But you sure were a TROOPER! Even when you were sick and running a fever, you would still smile at Mommy and Daddy.

After being in the hospital, and you having to sleep flat on your back in the crib there, we decided to let you start sleeping flat in your crib. You have done great! You definitely wake up earlier than you did when you slept in the rock n play, but that's ok.

Two days before you turned 6 months, you had your first ear infection (which you had an ear infection in BOTH ears!). You and your brother both had your first ear infections right before turning 6 months, crazy!

You sat in a grocery cart without the carrier for the first time. You were so cute, just looking around at everything.

Things you're loving this month:
Baby food, your bottle, Daddy playing the guitar and singing to you, your jumpy (you have gotten pretty good at jumping in that thing), playing with your toys, watching Caycen play, when Mommy or Daddy have you chase after Caycen (this just CRACKS you up!!!), snuggling, music, playing in your crib.


This past month has been a fun one! I can't wait to see what you start doing next!

I love you baby girl!

Pictures of my sweet 6 month old:

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