Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Very Darley Christmas 2013

This Christmas was so busy was So.Much.Fun!

We started out our Christmas season by visiting Santa at our clubhouse Christmas Dinner. Santa came to light the Christmas tree and of course take pictures with all of the kiddos. Caycen was SO shy when he saw Santa. This was the first time that he got to see Santa this season, so I figured he would be a littler nervous. He really wouldn't have anything to do with Santa.
we had a great dinner with Aunt Sissy and Nona

A few weekends later, Caycen and I went to see the Christmas lights at The Bamboo Farms with Ella Kate and Amanda. The lights were very pretty, but we didn't get very many good pictures because it was raining and I only took pics on my phone.

The weekend before Christmas, we went to spend time with my family in Warner Robins. We started Saturday at my moms house. The kids played and played and played. Then we read a story about the real St. Nicholas to teach the kids about why Santa goes around giving everyone gifts and how he is showing the love of Christ. Then we opened gifts. The kids were hilarious opening all of their presents. They were SO grateful for everything they got. Caycen even liked the CLOTHES that he got! haha!

The next day, we did Christmas with my dad and Cheryl. Caycen had a blast visiting with Pop and Nanny Cheryl.

Christmas Eve, we went to the Christmas Eve service at church. They had nursery for babies under 2, so it was the first time that Caycen has ever attended a service in the sanctuary with us at Savannah Christian. We walked in and he goes "wow, cool!" because the stage was lit up with lights and a huge tree. He was so sweet standing there, holding our hands, while we sang praise songs. He got a little restless during the service, but for the most part did really great! After the service, we went to have Christmas Eve dinner (shrimp creole and crab stew) and Chance's parents' house, Nona and Papa Ray. Brooke, Chris, Nanny, and Aunt Jenny were all there to eat. We had a great Christmas Eve dinner. We headed home to find out that Cooper, our chocolate lab, got out of the backyard while we were gone and got hit by a car. Luckily, he only had a few road rash marks on his legs. Chance to him to the emergency vet and he had to get some stitches. We all went to sleep awaiting Santa's arrival.

Aunt Jenny and Gracie June

oh how I love these kids!!!

Gracie June admiring the Christmas tree

In front of Nona and Papa Ray's fire place 

opening up his Christmas Eve Jammies

Ready to change into his jammies for the night

Modeling the ones he picked to wear for the night

And then modeling his foots :)

Gracie June loves her Nanny!

Then finally Christmas morning was here! We knew this year was going to be so much fun since it is the first Christmas where Caycen truly understood who Santa was and that he was going to have surprises downstairs waiting on him. We got downstairs and Caycen was so stunned to see a bike in the living room. We went through all the toys, opened presents, opened stockings, and then enjoyed some family time in the living room playing with all of our new stuff.

all of Caycen's cool gifts from Santa
Gracie June's stash from Santa

Mr. Elf wanted to join in on the Christmas fun… I guess next year maybe he will go back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve, but he decided to stick around an extra day this year.

First ride with Daddy

In front of our tree on Christmas morning

dumping his stocking

Chance got a new guitar strap 

And Gracie June got to wear her jammies from her Aunt Cindy (everyone spoils her rotten!)

lots of new clothes for me!

that's a WRAP!!!

We went back over to Nona and Papa Ray's house to do Christmas presents with them and have Christmas dinner. We opened gifts and just enjoyed each other's company.
Nona got her a golf cart to ride Caycen around in! (But I guess Buddy wanted a ride!)

my new Michael Kors watch!!! LOVE it!

Our mess!

Aunt Sissy and Gracie June

My favorite gift that we gave was a Cabin Ridge Rules sign for Papa Ray

Oh how Caycen LOVED his gun!

Caycen wanted to open the big box! 

And he got a cool Cars chair

By the end of the day, we were all exhausted.  We had a great day celebrating our Lord and Savior's birth and all that He's done for us. God is great ALL THE TIME!!!!

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