Saturday, December 15, 2012

Happy 18 Months Caycen!!!

Well, I don't think I can call you Baby C anymore cause you're definitely a toddler who is into everything!!!

So... Happy 18 Months Big Boy C!!!! I love you more than words could ever describe!!!

You are such a ball of energy right now. You are so stinkin smart too! You know half of the alphabet (you can actually say the letter when I point to it). You can count to three, you love doin te motions to the"Itsy Bitsy Spider", and you even try to sing your ABCs. You know the sounds that a cow, duck, cat, dog, lion, and a bumble bee make. You can tell me where lots of your body parts are like your hair, head, nose, mouth, eyes, ears, tongue, teeth, arms, hands, belly button, feet, toes, and of course your pogey. Such a smarty pants!!!

Things you're loving right now:
Spinning in circles, reading books, Super Why on t.v., splashing in the bath, saying "no" and shaking your head, getting to see all of your grandparents, running, climbing up your rock wall and sliding down your slide, the play area at the mall, kicking your ball, playing outside, wagon rides, Elmo, trucks, the Christmas tree, snuggling, giving kisses, putting on Chapstick, the woods, and just having fun!

Your Daddy and I are loving every minute that we get to play with you and just spend time with you. You are such a funny little boy! I hope that we can teach you to love the Lord like we do. God was so great to us when He gave us you. You are our little blessing!

I love you Caycen Edward Darley!!!!


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