Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Letter to 11 Month Old Baby C

Dear Baby C,

You are 11 months old today! I can't believe you are only one month away from your first birthday! Wow, you're growing up waaaay too fast for this Mama! You have just been so much fun!!!
Just watchin' the rain

This month's firsts:

You went to your first wedding this month and slept all the way through it. Daddy's cousin Joey got married in Cordele and you just layed back in the stroller and snoozed the entire time!
Right after eating at the rehersal dinner. (Thanks for the picture Sunny)

We took our first little family trip with Nona, Papa Ray, and Aunt Brooke to Cordele for the wedding and stayed at a little lakehouse at Lake Blackshear. It was so much fun! Too bad we couldn't stay longer.

You got two more teeth on the bottom this month. Man, talk about some sleepless nights this past month! Still no two front teeth though.

You went swimming for the first time over at Ella Kate's pool. You absolutely LOVED it! You didn't like the kiddy pool so much because it was a foot deep and when you sat down the water came up to your shoulders, but you got used to it. You mainly stood on the side and played with Ella Kate's toys. Then we took you and Ella Kate into the big pool in your float. You giggled and splashed the whole time.

Ella Kate introduced you to goldfish, which is your new favorite snack! Now you carry them around with you wherever you go.

You took your first steps this month (well real ones anyway). We counted it the day that you took about 6 steps as your first steps. Now you are walking from furniture to furniture in the living room. I'm sure you're going to be walking around everywhere VERY SOON.

We celebrated my first Mother's Day! It was so nice! You and Daddy got me some sweet little cards, the last two books of "The Hunger Games" series, and even HARD WOOD FLOORS :) Y'all are the best!!!
You started eating toddler meals this month and more "real people food". You've been eating tons of cheerios, turkey, cheese, and everything that we're eating. You STILL love to eat!

You said lots of new words this month trying to mock everything that we say. You even sang "A-B-C-D" just yesterday!!! You sure LOVE to talk!

Your New Feeding Schedule looks like this:
wake up- 8 oz bottle
8:30ish - have some cheerios and fruit
11:30 or 12:00 - have turkey, cheese, and 4 oz sippy cup of formula
2:30 - 4 oz sippy cup of formula
6:00 - dinner, whatever we're eating or one of your toddler meals and some water or apple juice
8:00ish - 8 oz bottle

You drink water throughout the day when you want.

haha, this is right after you wok up one morning. Y
ou were trying to sleep while you sat and drank your bottlle! GOOFY!

Things you're LOVIN':
Trying to "ride" your fire truck, reading (getting read to or even just babbling and trying to read yourself), trying to play guitar with Daddy, turning the satelite on and off on the t.v. (you get told NO a lot for this one), playing with anyone and everyone, trying to say everything that we say, playing with the remote or phone and pretending you are talking to someone (maybe you're just mocking Daddy since he's on the phone so much haha), climbing through everything like you have a jungle gym, eating goldfish, saying "bye", kisses, hugs, cuddling, and rockin' with Mommy or Daddy.
Reading iwth Nona
Reading with Grandma and Hailey
after eating some ice cream with Aunt Brooke
someone got caught!

You are such a little sweetie and I can't imagine life without you! Thank you for being my little boy and always making me smile! I love you Baby C!!!!


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  1. Baby C Grandma sends you lot of kisses and love too. I love you so much. You are such a joy to be with. You have to be the happiest baby on earth.