Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Few Play Dates

So, I’m just now getting to this post, even though these play dates were about a month ago! GEEZ have I been busy!!!
Well, Caycen had a play date with Ella Kate for a few hours while her mommy went to get her hair done. It was sooo cute! Ella Kate just walked around looking at all of Caycen’s toys. And of course, anything that Ella Kate wanted to play with Caycen wanted to take from her. He was being such a bully! {but you know how the young ones are, they pick on the girls they like ;) } Well it was hilarious, because after about an hour of Caycen taking the toys that Ella Kate wanted to play with, Ella Kate found Caycen’s passy, and it was payback time! She kept holding the passy up to Caycen’s face, he would open his mouth, then she would pull it back from him. HILARIOUS!!! Caycen didn’t know what to think! He finally started to pout, after about 7 or 8 times of opening his mouth expecting the passy, and she then she gave it to him. They had a lot of fun though.

Ella Kate rode on Caycen’s fire truck and Caycen was so nice he even tried to show her how to do it.

A few days later we had another play date with all of our friends and had a picnic at Forsyth Park. It was such a beautiful day! We pulled out blankets under a nice big tree, had food, toys, and just enjoyed the nice weather. Caycen, of course, had to go to everyone begging for food :) . What can I say? The boy LOVES to eat!!!

After our little picnic, they all took turns riding in Ella Kate’s big red wagon. They had a blast and so did us mommies!

Man we have such great friends! I’m so glad that Caycen will get to grow up with all these wonderful babies and that I have become so close to all their mommies too!
Can’t wait for the next play date!

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