Thursday, March 15, 2012

9 Month Letter to Baby C

Dear Baby C,
You are 9 months old today and have been one of the biggest blessing in our lives! I can’t believe how fast time flies.  You are getting so big so fast. Every time I look at you, I just want to squeeze you and give you TONS of kisses! Thank you for being such a great baby.
DSC_2084This month’s firsts:
You started actually walking by yourself with your walker this month. Check out this video of you! The first time I saw you do it by yourself, your Daddy had just called me on the phone, and I turned back around to see that you had pulled up on your walker and were taking steps with it all by yourself! You are such a big boy!
You went to your first birthday party, which was your cousin, Skyler’s, 6th birthday! It was an Army themed birthday, so of course your Aunt Christy just had to put some face paint on you too! You had so much fun swinging on their swing, sliding down the slide (while I held you), and jumping on the trampoline (again, I was holding you Smile). You had a blast!SAM_1017
You ate your first LITTLE bite of cake and ice cream this month too. I’m pretty sure you are going to be enjoying that for the rest of your life.
You found the stairs for the first time!!! I saw you going near them and I knew it was trouble because you like to try to climb on anything and everything.  Of course, you crawl right up to the first step and climb on up it like you’ve been doing it for years. You climbed to the second step and I pulled you down. We will be using the baby gate from now on…
You’re getting your two fang teeth! They have already cut through the gums! Yes, you are going to look like a little vampire baby, but that’s ok. In my post about your 4 month stats, we had just been to the doctor and he said that those two little things that looked like teeth, were actually cysts. Welp, now they REALLY ARE teeth!!! It’s hard to see in the picture below, but they are there.
c's teeth
You starting saying “bye bye”, which sounds more like “du du”, and you do your little hand in and out. It’s the CUTEST thing ever!!! I haven’t been able to get you on video doing it yet though.
DSC_2099Things you’re LOVING this month:
ANY type of food that we put in your mouth, your BOTTLE, pulling up on the couch and sitting down over and over and over, chewing on things, the REMOTE, Mommy’s phone, Mommy singing the song “I love my monkey, yes I do, I love my monkey, how bout you”, crawling as fast as you can around the house, “riding on the pony” song while you get bounced on mommy’s knee, your knew train that you got at Grandma’s house, Baby TV and Sprout TV, your airplane, riding in the jogging stroller, playing with the dogs, and getting into anything and everything that you’re NOT supposed to :) .
Well, Baby C, you have your 9 month check-up next week so we will have your stats soon.  Looking forward to all of the fun things that will be happening this coming up month! I’m so proud to be your mommy!
Love you Baby C!

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