Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby C's First Thanksgiving

This was Caycen's first Thanksgiving, and man was it BUSY!!!!

We planned on going to Warner Robins on Wednesday night, but all of the dog kennels were booked up so we couldn't board Cooper, my mom got sick, and Chance didn't get home til after 5 o'clock, so we would've gotten to Warner Robins after 8 anyways.  So we decided to go Thursday morning.

We planned to leave the house by 8:00 am, but we ended up rolling out of the driveway at 8:45 am.  We went straight to my Granny's house and got there around 11:00.  My family started arriving to my Granny's at around 12:30 and we had a big Thanksgiving meal.  After eating we all hung around and played some cornhole.  It was a lot of fun!
look how cute my boys are in their red plaid shirts! :)

Me and Granny

Grandma with her Grandkids

Caycen with his Aunt Christy
Mom and Aunt Lynn
Aunt Christy was so surprised that Caycen could hold his bottle by himself!
Me and Cassie
We left my Granny's house around 3:00 pm and headed to my Uncle Lee's house to visit with my dad's side of the family.  We hung out and all the boys played a little football.  They got ready to eat again and we decided to head out since we'd already eaten and we were off to Cordele.

Leigh Marie and Laila
the boys playing football
Pop and Caycen
me and Christy (my sister)
My Dad and Cheryl (who have FINALLY decided to get married after about a decade and a half)
We got to Chance's Nanny's house in Cordele around 6:00 pm.  All the little girls were running around playing.  Caycen is the only boy grandbaby on that side of the family so far.  We took some pictures and hung out for a while.  They had already eaten before we got there, but we did take a bag of Golden Corral rolls with us! :)  They were soooo yummy!  I feel so bad, but we didn't get any pictures from Nanny's house... maybe it was because we were exhausted by then and just ready to wind down. I REALLY wish we would have gotten the camera out over there! Here are some that I stole from Aunt Kim though :)

Chance's mom and all her sisters
Nanny (she's hilarious!!!)

We ended up going to our hotel room around 8:30 pm and we were so exhausted that we got Caycen ready for bed and then we got in the bed ourselves.  Caycen didn't sleep very well and neither did we.  We all woke up with sore throats the next morning.

That morning we ate at Cracker Barrel with Chance's parents and Brooke, went back to Nanny's to visit for a little bit, went to Chance's Aunt Kim's to visit for a few minutes, then headed back to Savannah.

We were SO.SO.TIRED!!!  We finally got home and wound down.

Overall it was a GREAT Thanksgiving with wonderful family and friends!  Hopefully we won't have to do so much driving next year.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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