Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy week...

So this week is going to be pretty busy... and it will be like this for many many years to come!

Sometime this week we will be having a baby... could be any day between today and Thursday! If I don't have him by tomorrow, I have dr. appointment, and she is going to schedule me to be induced either Wednesday or Thursday... I will keep you updated.

Then the 19th is Father's Day!!! Chance will definitely be a father on this day this year! So I am busy getting a little something together for him. I will share soon because I found a really cute idea :)

Then the 21st is our 3rd Anniversary!!!!! I can't believe we will be married for 3 years already! Well... actually I can haha! It seems like much longer.  We have been together for 6 years total and I have loved every minute of it!  For the 3rd Anniversary gift you are supposed to do leather... any ideas??? I thought of a leather wallet or photo album, but if you have anything better I would LOVE to hear it!!

Well... I'm off to finishing up the father's day gift for him and searching for great ideas for anniversary gifts.

Love y'all ~ Aimes

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