Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Journey of Pregnancy - 1st Trimester

Well, I decided that I should be recording all of the things that are happening to me during my pregnancy so that when I look back I will remember every little detail.  Also, I thought this might be interesting for first time mommies to read as well (I know that I had no clue what to expect).  Today I will touch on just the first trimester and I will post on the 2nd trimester in another post.  So here goes:

Finding out I was prego:
So, no we weren't trying to get pregnant, this was a surprise to us.  I know exactly how it happened though...  Hopefully I don't sound like too much of an idiot when you read what's coming up...  I was on a new birth control last January and it was causing me to (EAR MUFFS BOYS) spot throughout, so I talked to the doctor in March and she upped some of the hormones to help with this.  Well the new dosage that I was taking was making me gain weight like crazy... I gained about 10 pounds within 4 months of starting the new pill.  I decided that I would try to go off the pill for a little bit to see if I could lose the weight that I'd gained and then I would tell the doctor that I needed a different type of birth control.  Well, I lost 10 pounds within that first month of going off of the pill!!!! I was so excited! So I just didn't get back on.  I went off at the beginning of August (for those of you keeping up with my timeline :) ) 

One day in October (about 2 months after going off of the pill) I was telling Chance that I was a week late, but I thought it was just because I had gone off the pill and maybe my cycle was a little messed up.  After church that day I decided to take a pregnancy test, JUST IN CASE... Right before I went to take the test, Chance tells me "don't lie to me and tell me you're pregnant"... hmmm, like I've ever done that before ;)   so I went and took the test and from the bathroom I started yelling "Chance it's POSITIVE!!!!!"  My voice was more of a panic sound.  Of course, Chance had to see for himself.  He was about to go play golf at the time so he was in a hurry to get going while all of this was going on.  He told me "maybe the test is wrong, you need to take another one".  So he decided to go to the driving range instead of playing a whole round of golf, while I went to Rite Aide to get some more Pregnancy tests.  He didn't stay at the driving range very long (I guess he was in a little bit of a panic too).  So we went back home and took 3 more pregnancy tests... all were positive!  Wow... what a surprise for us!  From that moment we knew that our lives were about to change, but we were both very positive about our new situation.

How I felt: 
During the first few weeks that I knew I was pregnant (from when I was 4 weeks pregnant to about 9 weeks) I didn't feel like I was pregnant at all.  At the end of my 9th week I started to get the dreaded morning sickness... ugh... the worst ever!!!!! I don't know why they call it morning sickness... I was sick about every couple of hours during the day.  I was very scared that I would be sick throughout the whole pregnancy because my sister was with all three of hers.  I got to the point where I would put food on my nightstand the night before and I would eat before ever rolling out of bed in the morning... some days this helped, some days not.  Fortunately for me, at about 14 weeks the sickness went away.  Thank God!  Other than the morning sickness, I still couldn't see any signs that I was pregnant.

During the first trimester my body really didn't change much.  I could tell my hips were starting to get a little bigger and my stomach was getting a little harder at the bottom.  Other than that there was much difference.  Here are some pictures from the first trimester...

9 weeks

11 weeks

During the first trimester I didn't really have too many cravings... I really feel like it was more of finding stuff that I DID want to eat.  I WAS a Chick-fil-a LOVER before I found out I was pregnant.  I would go by and get a chicken biscuit at least once or twice a week before work.  During my first trimester I started to feel sick to even THINK about eating Chick-fil-a! I know I know... what's wrong with me?!?!  I also couldn't stand to think about eating grilled chicken that we cooked at the house.  I could eat grilled chicken from a restaurant, but if we grilled it at home then I would get nauseous!  I did notice that I wanted more pasta during the first trimester... I've always been a pasta lover, but I think I wanted it even more.

Best and Worst Moments:
The best moment during the first trimester was definitely when we heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time!  It was AMAZING!!!  We actually saw him on the screen before hearing the heartbeat, but the heartbeat was what I was looking forward to.  Knowing that there was a heartbeat made it all feel real.  When we heard that beautiful sound, Chance and I looked at each other and just grinned.  God gave us something so beautiful and our lives are going to be completely changed because of it.

The worst moment was definitely the morning sickness... some people say that they would rather have food in their stomach when they got sick, but it was almost better for me when I didn't... for some reason if I didn't have food in me, it didn't hurt so bad and didn't seem to last as long.

Closing thoughts:
Well, the first trimester has come and gone... at the beginning it seemed to go by so slow.  But now I am more than halfway through my pregnancy and it seems to be flying by!  I am so excited about meeting this little bundle of joy inside of me!  Stay tuned for my next post on the 2nd trimester... it gets a little more interesting :)


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