Thursday, February 17, 2011

Baby Update

Hey everyone! Well I have only a week and a half left until my 2nd trimester is over!!! I'll post a pregnancy journey update when I hit the 3rd trimester :) 

I figured I should give you guys a little update about what's been going on lately with our decisions about the baby, so here goes...

So we have FINALLY decided on a name!!!! YAY!!! Our little buddy is going to be named Caycen Edward Darley, initials CED just like his daddy!!  We have talked about Caycen for a while, but were really nervous about making it official because we were scared that we might find something that we liked better.  But we started calling him Caycen weeks ago and I told Chance that I can't think of him as anything other than Caycen now.  We waited to announce also because we weren't sure of how we wanted to spell it.  First we said Cayson, then Caison, then Kacen (that was what we liked for a while)... but then the other night I was sketching out a door hanger that I wanted to paint for his room and I wrote Kacen on there... Chance told me to see what it would look like spelled Caycen... so I did, and we just LOVED the way it looked.  So it's official... I will be buying letters soon so there is no way that Chance can change it again haha! :)   We can't wait for our little CAYCEN EDWARD DARLEY to arrive!

We picked out the bedding and it's the same bedding that I posted on here a few weeks ago.  We are going to do frogs, turtles, and alligators in the room.  SO EXCITED!! If you want to see the bedding you can go here to look at it:

I'm a dumby though and when I ordered the bedding and accessories to go with it I only ordered one valance, but we have a double window!!! So I had to order another valance yesterday... oh well... Caycen's room will be so stinkin cute :)

Next step is to buy the furniture... I think we are going with target furniture... it's not too expensive, but seems to be great furniture.  If anyone has a different suggestion, let us know... we love any advice we can get!

Well, I think that's really all of the updating on the baby stuff that I have until my post that I write on the 2nd trimester... I can tell you that I definitely have a baby bump now!!!!! You know it's a bump when it starts to get in the way, when you drop food on your tummy, and when you can't see as much of your feet when you look down! haha!

I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL rest of the week!!! 


Love, Aimes


  1. Thanks Ian!!! And yay, I have another follower because of you haha!!! :)

  2. YAY!!!! I am sooo excited the name is official :) I cannot wait to meet little Caycen Edward!!!

  3. Great pick for the name! But what about Charles? Then he could be Charlie Darley! Haha.