Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Boy!!!

Welp... We're having a BOY!!!! I was so wrong! Everyone said it was a boy... but me.  Oh well, I guess I'm just in that 30% of women who's instincts are wrong. 

So this is how we found out...  First we went to the doctor for our gender scan, the appointment was at 4:00 in the afternoon, and we told the ultrasound tech. that we didn't want to know what it was because we were doing something special that night.  The tech. turned off the monitor so that we couldn't see at first, because she wanted to go ahead and find out what it was so that she could avoid any private parts when we got to see the baby on the screen.  She had the wand on my stomach for about two seconds before she figured out what it was... that was the first moment that I thought it may be a boy... I mean she found that thing FAST!!!! But she gave us no hints at all, which was so great in the long run.  We got to see him moving around and doing flips on the screen after that, but of course we still didn't know he was a him.  The tech. printed out the pictures and put them in a sealed envelope for us.

Next, we went to Great American Cookie Company to have a cookie cake made.  I handed them the envelope and said "Please look in the envelope and write whatever it is on the cake, but DON'T tell us what it is, we are going to find out later".  There were three girls there and they were so funny... they opened up the envelope and all of them went "awww" at the same time.  It was so sweet. 

We then went and picked up a whole bunch of barbeque for our friends and family that were coming over that night... but this time it was about 5:30, so we still had time to go home and clean a little before everyone came over.

Our friends and family started arriving around 7:00, but we had to wait until everyone was there to find out together.  The last of the group finally arrived around 7:45 and by this time we were SOOO anxious that we decided to do the cake before dinner :)  I got my mom, my dad, and sister on the phone so that they could hear the news with us.  Chance did the honors and opened up the BEAUTIFUL cake that said we would be having a BOY.  I just laughed and said "it's a boy" and thought "wow I was wrong the whole time"... 

But we are soooo excited!!!! This will be the first grand baby boy on the Darley side of the family.  He is going to be one ROTTEN child!!!  I CAN'T WAIT! Now the next thing we have to do is decide on a name... a lot harder than we thought it would be.

Enjoy the picture of his pogey! :)

P.S.  If you have any suggestions for baby boy names we would love to hear them!!!! :)


  1. such a cute story! so excited for you both! can kenneth and i buy baby darley a GT jersey?! haha

  2. SO excited for you guys - what a unique way to find out!!! AND I'm so glad you decided to start blogging. I started when I was pregnant too and am SO thankful I did. Several of my friends have been able to use my blog as a reference point and I can't wait to use it too with baby #2 someday. All of these special times are recorded so that way you won't ever forget them :)

  3. Haha Kristin, that would be hilarious... he could wear it as a nighty I guess... or to play in the mud with :)

    Thanks Emily, I'm going to have to follow your blog! I just saw that you have one too. We are super excited (even though this wasn't planned), we feel sooo blessed!