Monday, September 11, 2017

June 2017

June 2017 in pictures:

We spent A LOT of time at the pool during the summer and it was so great! This is definitely our happy place!!!

Gracie June loves helping to take Cooper for walks.

 Caycen had his baseball end of the season party.

 Pool, Pool, Pool

Baby Ray lovin'

 Mommy lovin'

 We celebrated Caycen's 6th birthday. You can see the video of his birthday here.

We started out with balloons in his room (we were getting ready to move, which is why he has no furniture in his room! LOL!)

He got to pop the balloons and find money ($6 total).

We had donuts for breakfast (our birthday tradition)

 We went to the water park at Jekyll with Ella Kate and Palmer

Caycen lost his first tooth at the water park on his birthday! It wasn't even loose! He was chewing on his bathing suit string (geeze) and it got caught between his teeth and when he tried to pull the string out it popped his tooth loose! After about 30 minutes (maybe longer) of crying, I finally pulled the tooth out! He was devestated!!!!

But we got dippin' dots and it was all bettter

 We went to Dairy Queen for dinner (his choice)

Caycen got the game Pie Face Showdown for his birthday and it's hilarious! You can watch the video of them playing the game here.

The kids helped me paint our furniture

Gracie June became my new workout partner!

Gracie June decided to draw all over our walls in the rental for the 2nd time since we lived there!

My best friend!

Date night for our 9th anniversary! We went to The Vault and it was delicious!!!

 After dinner we went to LuLu's Chocolate bar for dessert

 We played the game "Eat it or Wear it" that we'd seen on Youtube and it was not so much fun for them! I however had a blast!!!!! You can watch them playing it here.

My little sweetheart!

Real life, these kids really do love each other!!!

 We went to see the movie Cars 3 and it was so good! The kids were horrible during the movie, but Chance and I loved it!

 The kids LOVE to dress up and play  in their costumes!

One last ice cream at the pool for the month of June

God is great and we are truly blessed!!!! I absolutely love my family!!!

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