Monday, May 16, 2016

March 2016 - Part 2

Caycen had his school Easter Party and they hunted lots of eggs!

GJ pretty much refused to hunt eggs at her school Egg Hunt this year... don't know what the deal was.

We went and saw the Easter Bunny and GJ was in LOVE!!!

We went to Warner Robins to spend Easter with the family.

GJ loves Grandma's horsey.

We went to Aunt Lynn's house for our annual family Easter Egg Hunt. The kids had so much fun with ALL of their cousins!

most of the kids

GJ had a lot of fun hunting eggs this year!

 All the kids going through their baskets.

The best family picture we could get for Easter this year...

The kids love their Grandma, Ashley, and Taylor!

We had our Glow-in-the-dark Easter Egg hunt at Pop's house this year. We hunted over and over again! They always love this!

Easter morning at my Pop's house.

They loved all their goodies from the Easter Bunny.

 They've been some scooter riding fools!!!

 And watch out when GJ's on the road!!!! She's cray cray!!!

March was another wonderful month for our family full of memories and blessings.

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