Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Our November

We started off our November celebrating Chance's 30th birthday! We got a babysitter and went downtown for dinner to Leoci's and I had family and friends meet us there to surprise Chance for his birthday dinner. He says he had no clue that everyone would be there. It was a lot of fun! 

The next night we had a birthday dinner at Nona and Papa Ray's house. Caycen loved singing the birthday song to his daddy. 

Chance gave Caycen his first buzz cut. Caycen absolutely loved it! Haha

For some reason my kids love sitting in the fridge :)

We went to the Pee Wee Rodeo and the kids got to ride a pony and C even rode a mechanical bull.

Caycen likes to help GJ put her shoes on...

He also has done a great job sharing with GJ.

Finally, we went to visit family in Warner Robins for Thanksgiving. We went to my mom's side first, then had dinner at my Dad's. They had a blast.

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