Friday, December 27, 2013

Letter to 5 Month Old GJ

Dear 5 Month Old Gracie June,
Here we are again, another month down. I am just amazed at how fast you are growing. You are just the sweetest little girl ever! 

This month's firsts:

You met your Pop and Nanny Cheryl for the first time. They were so in love.
sorry for the quality of these two pictures they were on the phone and I couldn't edit them

You had your first visit with Santa Claus:

You started consistently rolling over from your tummy to your back this month.

You tried rice cereal from a bowl and sweet potatoes. You love the sweet potatoes!

You had your first Thanksgiving.

Things you're loving:
Kisses, snuggling, when ANYONE talks to you, watching Cooper, sitting in the high chair, your bottle, bath time, sleeping in the rock and play, watching Caycen play, sitting up on the floor with Mommy or Daddy, reaching for toys, putting toys in your mouth, and just being silly.

Caycen is starting to interact with you more now too. He loves to go up to you when you're in your crib or when you're in the high chair and say "hey Gracie June" and then he'll say "Gracie June's smiling Mommy". It's so cute because you just love it when he talks to you. We all are so so blessed to have such a sweet baby like you in our lives. You make us smile no matter what is going on. I love you little angel!


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