Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Caycen at 15 Months

I can't believe that Caycen is already 15 months old!!!! He has changed SO much even in the last 3 months. Here are some things that Caycen is loving right now:

He is still loving the "My Baby Can Read" DVD and learning all of the words.

He is loving any and every book that you put in front of him! He even wanted to read his Daddy's golf book (which only had pictures of golf courses!) haha!
Taylor reading to Caycen when she came to babysit one night.

He loves going on wagon rides in the late afternoons. We usually take him for a ride after dinner.

He is LOVING more than pretty much anything, his swing! He will come and drag you to the door, so that you will take him outside to swing.

He loves trying to do things that he knows he is not supposed to be doing. Examples: pushing the button on the t.v. box, trying to climb on top of the speaker, and trying to unplug the t.v. He will even look at you right before he does it! He definitely knows what "NO" means though!!!

He loves to play in the pool... whether it's the little blow-up pool at our house, or the big pool at Savannah Quarters!

He still loves his bath time and bedtime routine. He splashes around in the bathtub now and even puts his face in the water! So brave :) Half the time he ends up sucking water up his nose... I guess he'll learn right?

He loves to sleep! Now I wish he would sleep a little later on the weekends, but can I really complain about waking up at 7:00 or 7:30? I think that's pretty good!

He loves playing with the baby gate. He goes in and out of it constantly, if we open it for him.

He loves EATING still... can you believe that? haha! He loves him some teddy grahams, fruit snacks, chicken nuggets, pizza, spaghetti, most any kind of noodle really, and he's still loving his goldfish! He's so funny because in the afternoons he'll always have a snack, and if we give him goldfish or teddy grahams, he has to have one for each hand! It's so cute :)

He loves spending time at ALL of his grandparents' houses!

He loves playing with his friends, even though now that I'm back at work, he doesn't get to see them as much :(

He is still such a happy little boy and we love every single minute that we get to spend with him!!!!

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