Friday, June 15, 2012

LetterS to 1 YEAR OLD Baby C

Yes, this month we have LetterS to Baby C. One from Mommy and one from Daddy.

To: Baby C
From: Daddy

Dear Caycen,

Wow how time has flown by. You are already one year old.  Growing up I could never picture what you were gonna look like or how you would act. Thank god you look like your mama.  And you have my funny goofy personality. 

Your first year growing up has been more fulfilling than I expected. I have enjoyed watching you grow so much.  There were all those nights that you kept us up all night and then the ones that we all slept like babies.  I can't wait to see how you will continue to grow and how God will use you in your lifetime. He blessed us so much when he gave you to us. I love you very much caycen and happy first birthday.



To: Baby C
From: Mommy

Dear Caycen,

You are one year old today! I can’t believe that this day is already here! You have changed so so much since the day you were born. This year has flown by way faster than I ever dreamed that it would.  I have truly cherished every single moment that I have had with you so far. I know I’ve said before that you were not planned, but you are the biggest blessing to your Daddy and me.  We couldn’t imagine life without you.

Looking back on all these months, you have learned to do so many things in such a short amount of time.  You have learned to sit up by yourself, crawl, and even walk. You are talking like crazy and mocking everything we do.  You are so stinkin’ smart!

Since the day you were born, you have been smiling and you have just been so happy. Anyone who sees you can’t help but smile back at you.  I love that you’ve been such a happy baby and so easy to please.

One of my most favorite things to do is cuddle with you and kiss your sweet little cheeks.  I love watching you and Daddy when you play and how he makes you giggle so easily. You sure do love him!

I hope that you will grow up to be just like your Daddy and be a man of God just like he is.  Thank you Baby C for such a wonderful year. I am so excited about the many more years of fun we will get to have! I love you with all of my heart.


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