Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Letter to 8 Month Old Baby C

8 Months!!!

Dear Baby C,
As I'm writing this I'm watching you laugh and play in your bouncer. You are just soo happy! Every day with you gets better and better.  You have brought so much joy to mine and your Daddy's lives. Even though you have your nights that you don't want to sleep and we have to stay up with you for hours, we wouldn't trade it for anything.   Lately, you 've been having a lot of those nights.  Poor thing. I think you just don't feel good, or maybe we have started a bad habbit of letting you get in the bed with us if it is after about 3 in the morning and you wake up. I don't know. BUT, you are still the sunshine of our lives!
This month there have been many more firsts (my favorite part of these letters):

You started CRAWLING!!!! And now you are into EVERYTHING. We have to watch you like a hawk because you are wanting to crawl and pull up on anything and everything that you see.  You are definitely going to have one hard head though for all the times that you fall.

You sat in a high chair at a restaraunt for the first time. I bet you can't guess what restaraunt... YEP... JALAPENOS of course! You did such a good job. You sat there while we ate and we fed you some puffs.  Everyone in the restaraunt just wanted to eat you up!
Big Boy!

eating puffs to keep yourself entertained :)

You went to the Pirate House for the first time. It was Mommy's first time too though. The food was ok. But you were too cute in your little pirate hat.  The pirate there was a little strange though.
You did not want to wear that silly hat!

You had your first playdate with our new little playgroup.  Soon we will have a group name.

You started giving kisses! It's sooo cute! I will say "give me a kiss kiss" and you  just open your itty mouth and put it up against mine then go on about your business.
Here are a few videos of you giving Mommy and Daddy kisses:

You stayed away for the night for the the first time EVER! You got to stay with your Nona and Papa Ray, who were sooooo excited! You seemed really happy when I was leaving (though I'm sure you were DYING inside ;)  ) and it was a little hard on Mommy at first.  But we made it through the first night of you sleeping over.  You had lots of fun and were, of course, spoiled rotten!

You had your first Valentine's Day! It wasn't much this year, but you did get a little Pillow Pet Dragon from Cupid :) On Saturday we will be having your Valentine's Day playdate, which will be sooo much fun!

You started playing in your playpen the last week and I probably should have let you play in it by yourself sooner.  You love playing for a LITTLE while by yourself :)

Some things you're LOVING this month:
watching Daddy play guitar (it seems to calm you down no matter what's going on), taking baths in your ducky tub, playing with your pogey in the tub (I don't know why you are so interested already), your glow worm, your leap frog music toy and your animal sounds toy, reading books, cuddling, crawling and exploring everything, playing with Sugar and Cooper, Baby TV, EATING, giving kisses, saying DaDa and Baba, just talking your little baby talk to yourself or anyone who will listen, your firetruck, pulling up, and just being happy and playing.

Your feeding schedule right now:
Usually you wake up around 6 to 6:30: 7 oz bottle of formula
10:30 4 oz fruit and 3 oz bottle of formula
2:00 7 oz bottle of formula
5:0-5:30 depending on when you're hungry 4 oz vegetables and 3 oz formula
8:00-8:30 depending on when you get SLEEPY 8 oz formula (just started 8 a few days ago, but before you were doing 7 oz)
"Here I come Mommy!!!"

You are such a sweet child. I really hope that you keep your little personality that you're already showing.  Your Daddy and I hope that we can show you all the love in the world.  We want you to know that no matter what happens, you will always be our precious child.  We love you so so much Baby C! I'm looking forward to all of the new things you're going to do in the next few months!

Love you always and forever,

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