Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Letter to 5 Month Old Baby C

Dear 5 month old Baby C,
I know I say this every month, but I just can’t believe how fast time flies!  You are HUGE now!!! At your 4 month visit, which was really about 4 ½ months, you were already 16 lbs and 11 oz… You have to be at least 17 lbs by now!!! I am definitely getting muscles in my arms from playing with you and lifting you all the time. 

This month you’ve had some more firsts:
You had your first stage 1 solids.  You really didn’t like the rice cereal that we gave you and you kept spitting it out.  Next we tried giving you green beans and you liked them a little better but you weren’t CRAZY about them… so then we tried sweet potatoes and you TORE them up!!! The last few days you’ve been eating bananas and you love them too!

Last Friday you got your first cold L.  Luckily you haven’t had to go to the doctor yet, but they did prescribe you some drops to go in your nose.  You were coughing and sneezing most of the weekend and I really hope it doesn’t get worse.  You have been sleeping so much.  Even though you really don’t feel good, you are still the SWEETEST baby ever!!! You are giggling, playing in your bouncer, and cuddling every chance you get.
Your first Halloween! You were the cutest lion EVER!!! We walked around the trunk or treat at Marshpoint the weekend before Halloween, then you fell asleep the night of Halloween while all the trick-or-treaters were coming around.  I can’t wait until next Halloween because you will actually be able to go trick-or-treating yourself J.

You got to celebrate your daddy’s birthday for the first time and help open up the presents.  You were so stinkin’ cute pulling that tissue paper out of the bag for Daddy! And it was your daddy’s first birthday as a daddy!

You got to go to stay over at Aunt Liss and Uncle Lee’s house for the first time by yourself for a few hours while Mommy and Daddy went to a baby shower.  They absolutely LOVED playing with you!!! Don’t tell them I told you this, but they even argued about who got to feed you first! Haha!
You started wearing 6 months clothes this month!!! You are super long and such a MONSTER! You are still wearing some of your 3-6 month clothes, but most of them I already had to box up L.
You can hold your bottle by yourself fo
Things you’re loving:
baby food (sweet potatoes, bananas so far), sleeping, your bouncer, listening to Daddy sing and play guitar and Mommy TRY to sing before bedtime, rocking with Mommy or Daddy, Tech the Tractor on Baby TV, grabbing your little feet, drinking water from Mommy or Daddy’s cup, bouncing in anyone’s lap or on the couch or EVERYWHERE, taking naps with Mommy or Daddy, playing in your crib in the mornings, kisses, playing with Mommy and your toys in the car while we wait on Miss Stephanie to pick you up in the morning, and of course your BOTTLE!!



You started eating your baby food this month and it's so much fun to watch!!! You get soo messy! It's too cute.  Here you are during one of our eating sessions (this is a very short video taken from your daddy's phone):

Every day is such a blessing being your mommy. Daddy and I love every single minute that we get to spend with you.  I know that everyone that knows you loves you too.  Your Nona wants to snatch you up, your Papa Ray wants to put you in camo. and get you in the deer stand with him as soon as possible, your Grandma wants to steal you and take you back to her house to stay, you Pop wants to do the buzzy bee with any chance he gets, your Aunt Christy wants to replace one of her kids for you (haha, of course she wouldn’t do that), your Aunt Brooke just wants to hold you as much as she can, your Granny wants to see you every chance she gets, and you Nanny is dying for you to come to Cordele to visit her.  You are one LOVED little man!!!!

Your daddy loves to play with you so much and you love playing with him too! Check out your high fives!!!

I am looking forward to all of the things you will do this next month, this next year, these next 18 years, and of course everything after that! I love you such much Baby C, words cannot even describe!!! Thank you for being such a wonderful baby!
More pictures from this month:
right after waking up from a nap with Daddy
Mommy, you, and Suggy cuddling up in our P.J.s all day long!

You getting Daddy!

Daddy getting you back!!!

to my Aunt Brooke and Aunt Christy!

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